It's All About Your Drum Tone

The patented Ring-Arrestor started as a simple idea to solve an annoying problem that most drummers run into at some point. Offensive overtones or "ringing" as most drummers call it, can be a persistent problem when recording. 

Live performance on the other hand is greatly influenced by room size and acoustics. Ring-Arrestors can be a big help in both  situations.They are designed and made in the U.S.A. using only the finest synthetic suede for durability.

A no-questions asked 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee makes purchasing risk-free.  If the mufflers do not meet your full expectations a full refund will be given including shipping.  Please check out the many satisfied drummer reviews, which are 100% non-solicited and verifiable.

I invite you to join the countless professional drummers worldwide that depend on Ring-Arrestor drum mufflers for clean focused drum tone.  Your questions will be promptly answered by email.  Our #1 goal is a happy drummer with great drum tone!

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